Grass-fed beef


Grass-fed beef grown to order


  • 100% grass-fed
  • No grains
  • No antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • Compassionate, humane handling


Our Beef is 100% grass-fed from start to finish


The health benefits of grass-fed beef are realized when you consume meat from animals raised solely on grass. Beef from cattle raised entirely on their natural diet of grass has much less fat, bad cholesterol (LDL), and calories than grain-fed beef, which is good for our cardiovascular health as the consumers. When purely grass-fed, the beef produced is also high in Omega 3’s, vitamins A & E, antioxidants, and lower in saturated fat.

We do not believe in the use of hormones and antibiotics for the purpose of increasing beef production. Our beef is 100% free of all antibiotics and hormones. Hormones can add toughness to meat, and grain can strip away its natural flavors, while increasing saturated fat levels.  As these are not natural to the animal’s development, nor do we want to consume hormones or antibiotics ourselves, we use neither when raising our cattle. Sauces, marinades, and heavy seasonings are utilized to add flavor back to store bought beef. This is not necessary with the natural, rich flavor of grass-finished beef. It is our belief that a properly grown and finished portion of beef should require no more than a touch of salt and pepper when preparing.

Our Beef is raised on our family ranch

Our goal is to produce the highest quality grass-fed beef while caring for our animals humanely and with compassion. Our calves that are processed at 12-18 months of age are raised and finished on our ranch here in Valencia County, NM.  They are handled daily, tamed, and live a stress-free life. We believe that when an animal is raised for food, it should be treated with respect and be cared for to the very best of our abilities. The taste of the meat reflects the attention we put into the animal. We use quality Angus breeds with genetic traits that are specifically targeted for grass-fed beef production.

Our Beef is locally processed

We personally deliver our cattle in small numbers and a low-stress transport from our ranch directly to the meat processor for processing to ensure a high-quality product. Our beef is processed locally in Los Lunas, NM.  Jaramillo’s Custom Meat Processing specializes in domestic and wild game butchery. They are family- owned and operated with over 30 years’ experience in the trade and have been our exclusive processor for almost ten years. Each animal is handled individually in a quiet, clean environment, unlike the mass-production slaughter facilities.

Our Beef is dry-aged then quick frozen to preserve freshness.

Our beef is hung and dry-aged for a minimum of 10 to 14 days.  Almost any chef will tell you a good steak needs to be dry-aged. This process gives the meat a delicious flavor and a tenderness not found in meat aged by other methods.  After the aging process is complete, the meat is cut and processed by professionals, according to your order specification, and immediately frozen to preserve freshness.

Our animal genetics.

DSR BeefOur cattle is selected for their genetic predisposition to finishing well on grass. We purchase our calves direct from local farmers who breed pasture-raised cattle. Most often these breeding lines originated from England, such as Hereford and Angus. They are smaller in frame size, which is an important characteristic in early finishing and a tender, flavorful product.

Because of the calm environment and gentle manner in which we handle our animals, the lack of stress allows the meat to attain a higher quality and tenderness than the meat from animals that are in adverse conditions, transported often, and handled in a rougher fashion. Also, our meat is dry aged for up to 2 weeks, adding to the tenderness and flavor.

How the program works

Our program improves each year and our goal is to have high-quality, grass-finished meat at prices that are affordable to our clients. Your choice of meat cuts is completely customizable.

Our program is constructed on an annual basis. We contact our clients approximately 8 months prior to the animal’s finishing date, at which time we collect orders for the upcoming growing season. Depending on your order size, we will assign a calf on our ranch to your order. In essence, you are buying a live animal that will then be finished for you using our methods listed above.

Four weeks prior to the processing date, you will receive an order processing form from us that allows you to select the cuts of meat you would like the processor to prepare. The form will be delivered with your animal, typically the last week in August, to the processor in your name. Allowing for hanging and dry-aging time, your order is ready for pick up two to three weeks from that date.

For more information on our program, current processing, and hang weight per-pound fees, please feel free to contact us.